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Are you looking for information about PVC flooring? Do you want to know how to clean your floor covering? Are you interested in getting other tips? Then you have come to the right place! 

We provide answers to your questions through our articles, tips, advice and much more. 


The essentials


Guide to choosing your installation method

As you may already know, there are various ways to lay a PVC floor covering. To find the best installation method for your needs, we have described the four installation methods available for Gerflor's floor coverings. 

Installation methods

What tools should I use to lay my floor?

Have you bought a PVC floor covering? Do you want to fit it yourself? Here are some tips on how to choose the right installation tools.

Our tools
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A floor covering for each profile

Do you have any specific criteria for buying your new floor covering? Easy to install? Good value for money? Pretty design? Below are some suggested collections that could match your profile.

Check out the collection that could tick all your boxes

How do you measure the size of your room? (in m²)

Are you looking to renovate the floor in your room by buying a Gerflor PVC floor covering? Are you unsure about the room's surface area in square metres? Then here are the calculations and tips that you will need to measure your room's surface area. 

Measure the area
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Do I need an underlay for my Gerflor floor covering?

Misconception number 1: underlay is a must when fitting a PVC floor covering. 

That's WRONG! That may be the case for most laminate floors, but we would advise against it when using our PVC floor coverings for the following reasons. 

Find out more
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Installation Tips


Can you lay a PVC floor on top of ceramic tiles?

Do you want to cover up your old ceramic tiles with a PVC floor covering? Are you wondering how to do it? 

Then you have come to the right place. We will explain the cases where you can lay your PVC floor DIRECTLY on top of your ceramic tiles. 

Installation on ceramic tiles
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The correct laying direction for my floor

Carefully reading the instructions below will prevent you from laying your PVC floor in the wrong direction. That's right, the laying direction is important! It can help your room look bigger or smaller. 

Laying direction
Timber oak beige bathroom

Why is PVC the best choice for wet areas?

Kitchen, bathrooms or even toilets are rooms that are prone to splashes, water and grease stains, and moisture. But they are also high footfall rooms, where family members might meet up several times during the day. As such, hygiene is vitally important, so these floors must be easy to clean.

PVC and wet rooms

Easy cleaning

PVC floors require very little attention and no special cleaning. Highly resistant to impacts and scratches, they are ideally suited to every room of the home. Gerflor's PVC floor coverings are not only quick and easy to clean, but they also shrug off stains.

Here are our recommendations to keep your floor always looking clean and brand new...


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Find the right flooring for your project

Choose the room that you wish to decorate and let us guide you... 

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Simulate your floor

Are you working on a renovation project? Do you want to make your living room more welcoming? Or give your bathroom a new look?

Integrate our floors in real time on your photo and select the perfect colour for your home! You will find the perfect floor that will enhance your furniture and change the whole atmosphere of your home.

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