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How to set up a home office?

Homeworking has changed the role of the home office: previously approached in a purely functional way, with a chair, a desk and some storage, it is now seen as a living area in its own right. So, naturally we have higher demands! But how can we make this a nice, bright space that’s conducive to concentration? 

Which floor covering should you choose for a pleasant office? Gerflor offers many flooring solutions to help you create an office that will inspire you. 

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Which floor should you choose for a home office? 

With so many atmospheres to choose from, such as zen, bright, intimate, cosy, boudoir even, the office is a very personal space and should be designed around you. Our first instinct when renovating the office is often to refresh the paintwork with soft hues and, sometimes, a brighter accent on a feature wall. Choosing colours that blend well with the PVC floor of your office is a great way to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. 

Easy-to-install flooring 

Whether wood, concrete or tile effect, all Gerflor floors are easy to install with systems adapted to each situation. With snap-together and adhesive LVT options, our glue- and tape-free installation systems are ideal for small rooms such as an office! 

Hard-wearing office floors, guaranteed! 

Choosing the right technical characteristics guarantees a long-lasting floor for your office. Gerflor rigid PVC planks have particularly interesting qualities: they can support very heavy loads, such as bookcases or a colonial desk, and are unaffected by chairs with wheels. The Rigid 55 Lock Acoustic collection also offers acoustic performance, and comes with a 15-year warranty! 

Sisal designs, available in sheets in the HQR range, are perfectly suited to the office setting.

This range has a wear layer and a protective varnish that ensure resistance over time! 

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Amandine's office, an ideal space to work peacefully

A bright modern layout and floor, with antique furniture for a guaranteed boudoir effect!

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