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Choosing your installation method: guidelines

As you may already know, there are various ways to lay a PVC floor covering. To find the best installation method for your needs, we have described the four installation methods available for Gerflor's floor coverings. 

Click-together installation: for novice DIYers! 

Our click-together floor coverings let you fit your floor without having to call in a professional. They are quick and easy to install. 

With their vertical interlocking system, you only need to use a mallet on the small side of the planks or tiles (and not along the large side) to clip them together, which saves time and improves comfort (less noise). 

This type of installation hardly requires any equipment (just a mallet, straightedge and pencil), meaning that the worksite can be kept clean and tidy.

Looselay installation: child's play!

With looselay tiles and planks, there is no need to glue them to the floor or clip them together. They rely on their own weight when it comes to fitting and staying in place. If you make a mistake, you can reposition them. As such, this floor covering can be removed and is also quick and easy to install. You can lay it yourself without having to call in a professional. 

Self-adhesive installation: 

Your self-adhesive product is quick to install and guarantees a clean worksite, since no glue or tools are required! Simply remove the protective film from the backing before laying the planks or tiles on the floor. 

You must ensure that your subfloor is flat, dry, clean and hard before fitting the floor covering. If you need to cut your self-adhesive flooring, a utility knife will do the job.

For even greater comfort, your self-adhesive vinyl planks are compatible with underfloor heating systems and also give a sensation of warmth beneath your feet. 

A compatible primer must first be applied to the subfloor, such as Boncrete or Dunlop Primer and Additive.

Glue-down installation: for pros! 

An acrylic adhesive must be used for these products and should be installed by a professional.

Note that the subfloor must be especially clean, flat, even, dry and sound. You will also need to allow time for the adhesive to cure. Glue-down PVC planks and tiles boast a wealth of advantages, such as strength and stability. 


Refer to each products installation guides before installing.



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