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How do you measure the size of your room to lay your new Gerflor floor? (in m²)

Are you looking to renovate the floor in your room by buying a Gerflor PVC floor covering? Are you unsure about the room's surface area in square metres? Then here are the calculations and tips that you will need to measure your room's surface area. 

Measuring a rectangular or square room

Measure each side of your room with a tape measure. 

Here are the formulae for calculating your room's surface area in m²: 

  • Square room = side x side 

  • Rectangular room = length x width 

For example, if your room measures 5 metres wide by 8 metres long, then: 

  • 5 m (W) x 8 m (L) = 40 m² 


Measuring a complex room

If the room is not square or rectangular, but has a shape that comprises several different parts, such as an L-shape:

First of all, measure the length and width of the first part of your room. 

Then measure the sides of the second part of your room. 

Finally, once you have taken all the measurements, add the areas of the two parts of your room together and you will get the total area of your room.

Here is an example to give you a clearer idea:

The first part of your room is rectangular: 

  • The width is 4 m 

  • The length is 10 m 

4 m x 10 m = 40 m²

The second part of your room is square: 

  • The width is 5 m 

  • The length is 5 m 

5 m x 5 m = 25 m²

Total area of the room: 40 m² + 25 m² = 65 m²


Now that you know how to measure your room, get your tape measure and start calculating!  


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