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Do you have any specific criteria for buying your new floor covering? Easy to install? Good value for money? Pretty design? Below are some suggested collections that could match your profile.
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The collection adapted to your profile!

I'm a tenant and I'd like to improve my home interior by changing the floor...

If you are a DIY novice and you want a floor covering that is quick and easy to install, then look no further than the Senso Self-Adhesive range. 

Its peel and stick format make installation both quick and easy!

In addition, this type of installation hardly requires any equipment (just a stanley knife, straightedge and pencil), meaning that the worksite can be kept clean and tidy. 


If you want a good quality floor covering that can easily be removed and which comes with an affordable price tag, then look no further than our collections of floor rolls.

The PRIMETEX range: 

With a total thickness of 2 mm, including a 0.25 mm wear layer, this PVC floor covering guarantees flexibility, a lightweight design and sound insulation. Gerflor's Primetex vinyl floor covering brings guaranteed French-made quality and excellent value for money.

The TEXLINE range: 

If the joints between your current ceramic tiles are less than 3 mm wide, we would advise you to choose the Texline floor roll range. This collection features a 0.35 mm wear layer, meaning that it is highly resistant to impacts and scratches. This product is designed for looselay installation.


Here at Gerflor, our designers travel the world in search of the hottest trends in design, architecture and fashion. Our designers keep a close eye on the latest trends, while sensing where those trends will be heading in the years ahead. Working at our plants in Provence, they come up with new finishes, textures and colours that we can then incorporate into the collections and designs that will enhance your home interiors.

In our tile and plank ranges, as well as in our floor roll ranges, we provide a wide selection of increasingly original designs. 

Two designs can be combined in the same room to separate different spaces or produce an original effect! For example, we would advise you to combine black and white tiles from the Senso Prime range to create a classic black and white look.

In the floor roll ranges, we can offer the Texline range. This solution is designed for quick and easy installation on most substrates. If you want to add a touch of fantasy to your home interior, this collection includes original and modern designs imitating such materials as cement tiles, concrete and stone. 

We recommend the Tiffany Antic or Confetti Beige finishes to give your room added character without losing its soothing sense of calm. 


I'm a homeowner and I'd like to renovate one or more rooms in my home...

If you are a homeowner on the lookout for a new floor covering offering good value for money, then the following ranges might be just the ticket:

In the tile and plank ranges:

Self-adhesive tiles and planks allow for quick and easy installation without needing any tools. Compatible with underfloor heating systems and resistant to UV light, impacts and scratches, Gerflor's Senso Premium Self-Adhesive collection is the ideal solution for your renovation needs.


In the floor roll ranges:

Primetex comes in a variety of designs that perfectly imitate concrete, ceramic tiles, metal, and more besides. This French-made collection can be credited to the imaginative streak and creative flair of our Artistic Department, whose offices are located at one of our plants in Provence. Primetex is one of our floor roll ranges that can easily be used to give your home interior a complete makeover. This range is so quick and easy to install that it does not even require any glue, just a smooth clean substrate. It is ideal for use in small rooms, such as bedrooms, offices and dressing rooms.

Are you on the lookout for a floor covering that looks identical to parquet flooring, waxed concrete, ceramic tiles or even slate, but you want to avoid what is often an expensive, complicated and long-winded fitting process? Gerflor offers the floor covering of your dreams with its Texline range. 

This collection is designed for quick and easy installation on most substrates. This floor covering can be loose-laid without any glue or adhesive on surfaces up to 35 m². Finally, with its 0.35 mm wear layer, we would recommend installing this floor covering in high-traffic areas, such as dining rooms, entrances and even in bedrooms. 


Texline is a Gerflor collection in roll format offering excellent properties for withstanding the wear and tear of everyday life. Available in two or four-metre lengths with a 0.35 mm wear layer, Texline delivers excellent resistance to scratches, impacts, UV light and stains. Texline is the ideal floor covering for renovations with a Class 23 and 31 foot traffic rating.

To top it all, this floor covering is made in France and is environmentally friendly, since it does not contain any formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, solvents or harmful plasticisers. Finally, this recyclable vinyl roll incorporates the GFT backing made from over 95% recycled fibres (4 bottles = 1 m² of textile-backing floor covering).

This vinyl roll is definitely a must for your renovations! 



I'm a landlord and I want to renovate a flat

The HQR collection is one of GERFLOR's most hard-wearing floor roll ranges. With a 0.50 mm wear layer, easy-fitting design and realistic finishes, this PVC floor covering offers countless advantages. It is excellent for high traffic locations such as corridors, kitchens and playrooms. The PUR surface treatment is stain resistant and long lasting, meaning you'll get many years of use and excellent value for money.


Most of our ranges are quick and easy to fit. However, if you are running short of time or if you wish to get someone else to fit the flooring, then we have the solution. The two ranges mentioned below are available in specialised stores with a professional fitting service.

Visit our store locator to find out where your nearest stores are.

One solution for your renovations is Virtuo Rigid 55 lock. This collection comes with an interlocking system that allows the planks to be snapped together. The product's rigid design means that it can be loose-laid.

Another option is our Virtuo Classic 55 XL Range. This glue down product will stand up to any extreme changes in temperature and has 0.55mm wear layer meaning it will handle the lifestyle of any tenant. 


Here are the advantages of our three installation methods for quickly and easily fitting your new floor covering:

1. Snap-together: 

  • The snap-together method lets you fit your floor without having to call in a professional. It is quick and easy to install. 
  • This type of installation hardly requires any equipment (just a mallet, straightedge and pencil), meaning that the worksite can be kept clean and tidy. 

Collections: Virtuo Rigid 55 Lock

2. Looselay: 

  • With looselay products, there is no need to glue them to the floor or clip them together. They rely on their own weight when it comes to fitting and staying in place. 
  • If you make a mistake, you can reposition them. As such, this floor covering can be removed and is also quick and easy to install. You can lay it yourself without having to call in a professional. 

Collection: Loftex and Texline

3. Self-adhesive: 

  • These planks and tiles are quick to install and guarantee a clean worksite, since no glue or tools are required! Simply remove the protective film from the backing before laying the planks or tiles on the floor. 

Collections: Senso Self-Adhesive Planks and Prime Tiles



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