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Vinyl: the key to a hygienic and elegant bathroom floor

Singing in the shower, listening to the radio while brushing your teeth, relaxing in the tub with a good book, bathing the children and watching them play in the water, putting on make-up. A lot happens in the bathroom! Between functionality and enjoyment, this shared yet also private space often needs a bit of help to meet all the requirements of its users. And the room itself maybe small, but definitely soon-to-be-charming! 

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Why choose a PVC floor for your bathroom? 

Choosing a vinyl floor for your bathroom offers comfort in a variety of ways: comfort for the body, with a floor that’s much more pleasant to touch than cold tiles; everyday comfort, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing a PVC floor is stain and water-resistant, easy to clean, and has a much longer lifespan; and lastly, visual comfort, because changing the floor of your bathroom is a great way to breathe new life into it! 

Vinyl, synonymous with variety! 

Renovating the floor is THE way to revamp your bathroom. The floor (and maybe some accessories too) has the power to completely change the atmosphere in this room occupied by sinks, showers, toilets, beauty products, etc., all of which add little to the décor. So, make way for a dark and mineral grey to play on contrasts, or a chic and natural wood effect, or a geometric pattern or cement tiles to make a stylish statement.

Gerflor PVC, a simple solution for renovating the bathroom.

For many bathrooms, renovating the floor means a lot of chopping and changing to fit awkward angles. With Gerflor PVC, such as vinyl sheets and glueable products, all you need is a metal ruler and a cutter/trimmer. So, it's easy to install and comfortable for your feet! 


Do you dream of changing the tiled floor in your bathroom? A bathroom floor needs be waterproof, functional and aesthetic! Too complicated, you say? Not for our ambassadors and influencers who have taken up the challenge of making their bathrooms both beautiful and practical. So, ready for some more magnificent home tours? Let's get started!

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