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Newport Ivory kitchen

Vinyl kitchen flooring, the practical and aesthetic solution

Throughout the day, the kitchen is used for a wide range of activities: meals, homework, snacks, remote working, discussions. For some, it truly is the heart of the home. For others, it is a place to make a quick pit stop to grab a coffee and a piece of fruit before heading out the door! 

The Gerflor collections are designed to meet all uses, so that everyone can enjoy their charm and elegance, and maybe even find some inspiration! 


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Texline Essence 3mm


4 m X 25.0 m

Which floor should I choose for my kitchen?

Our kitchens have multiple functions and, as a result, there are multiple materials on offer, meaning it can be difficult to choose the right floor!  Gerflor regularly creates new kitchen floor coverings, offering a variety of atmospheres: natural, Scandinavian, retro, seaside, urban, and more. Your kitchen floor can provide all sorts of inspiration. 

For kitchens that open onto living rooms, the diversity of the Gerflor range is a great advantage: whether you are looking for continuity between rooms or, on the contrary, to create contrasts, the array of Gerflor designs makes anything possible.

Easy-to-install PVC floors

In addition to a wide choice of patterns, Gerflor offers different systems for easy installation. Whether installing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, Gerflor’s snap-together and adhesive PVC tiles and planks are ideal for an imitation Terrazzo, concrete or tiled kitchen floor. Anything is possible! Why not try mixing & matching two patterns? For the kitchen, we like cement tiles and wood, how about you? Which floor will you choose for your kitchen?

Gerflor PVC kitchen tiles

The characteristics of vinyl floor tiles make them very practical for a kitchen floor: non-slip and water-resistant, they offer daily and long-wearing comfort. Thanks to Gerflor’s wide variety of designs, from the most classic to the most contemporary, renovating your kitchen is easy.

Cleaning with a low environmental impact

To clean Gerflor floors, all you need is a bit of soapy water. This efficiency is made possible by the revolutionary Gerflor surface treatments, which offer excellent stain resistance. 

Maïa Cha sol vinyle rénovation cuisine

A soothing, retro kitchen with a terrazzo effect

Responding harmoniously to an original splashback, the Terrazzo effect of the beige Confetti vinyl is both a touch of fantasy and a factor of harmony in this kitchen with soft hues.

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Materico: the sustainable and evocative architectural space

The Materico trend often draws its inspiration from geometric shapes and retro colours to offer a mix of materials and a selection of organic floor coverings, such as imitation granite, terrazzo and concrete, to give added character to a home interior. 

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Simulate your floor

Are you working on a renovation project? Do you want to make your living room more welcoming? Or give your bathroom a new look?

Integrate our floors in real time on your photo and select the perfect colour for your home! You will find the perfect floor that will enhance your furniture and change the whole atmosphere of your home.

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