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Bright bedroom

A bright bedroom

With Océane

Océane @bebepantoufle
Project type
Room renovation
10 m²
Planks & Tiles, Senso premium clic, Sunny White

A bright bedroom

A few weeks ago, Océane from the blog @bebepantoufle got in touch with us, because she wanted to redecorate her bedroom and get rid of her ageing ceramic tiles. It was important for her to do the work on her own. Therefore, she needed a lightweight floor that would be easy to fit and require very little equipment.

Bright bedroom

It was only natural that we decided to give her a helping hand with the makeover by allowing her to modernise her bedroom with an imitation parquet floor. After extensive searching, she settled on the Sunny White design for the PVC planks in the Senso Premium Clic range and its ultra-realistic imitation wood finish.

This range is equipped with Gerflor's FOLD DOWN snap-together system that allows the floor covering to be installed quickly and easily without having to call in a professional. The tools needed to fit the flooring include a tape measure, a mallet and a utility knife.

bright room

The result

Océane told us: "The end result is awesome! It brings brightness and a lot of light to the different rooms, with a touch of warmth that comes from the authentic look of the wood."

Her new PVC floor is comfortable to walk on and makes the whole room feel warmer and more inviting. Changing the floor has given this room a real facelift.

See the result for yourself!

So what is the advantage of renovating with a PVC floor covering? She can say goodbye to all those hours spent polishing her old floor with wax or oil, because the new flooring is only PVC.


Océane's wish for an imitation parquet floor has finally come true. She will no longer need to hide her floor by covering it with rugs.

If you too are tired of seeing your ceramic tiles getting old and dirty, then opt for a PVC floor covering!

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