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Tiles & Planks

Virtuo Stone 55

Overall thickness
  • 2.50 mm

Product description

  • Glue down
Slip resistance
  • R10

Virtuo Stone 55 tiles are ideal for permanent, glued installation to prevent any expansion or contraction in areas where temperature fluctuations are frequent. Some regions of Australia can face scorching heat and freezing cold. Factors such as underfloor heating, direct sunlight exposure and variations in maximum and minimum temperatures all affect whether a loose lay or glued system is more appropriate for your needs.


Interior Designer

Technical and environmental specifications

  • Value
    Surface treatment PUR+
    Overall thickness 2.50 mm
    Thickness of the wearlayer 0.55 mm
    Installation system covering Glue down
  • Value
    Slip resistance wet shod feet R10


Technical and environmental documents
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