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Vinyl rolls

Senso Lifestyle

  • Roll
  • Looselay
  • 2mm thick textile backed luxury vinyl flooring

Product description

Senso by Gerflor, roll vinyl for the home is cut to length in-store from either the 2m or 3m wide “Essential”, 3m wide “Lifestyle” or special order 3M wide “Lifestyle Extra” range. The seamless vinyl flooring rolls are part of the new generation of foam and textile backed flooring designed to complement the latest interior trends. 

The whole Senso by Gerflor range has a sealed wear-layer making it the ideal flooring choice for allergy sufferers. Our range is designed to avoid collection of dust, pollen, dander and mould collection, often seen in carpet. Discover modern and traditional wood and tile designs on our luxury vinyl flooring rolls, as well as all-over patterns in each range to suit your lifestyle.

Designed by the award winning Gerflor team in France each Senso flooring product represents decades of research and offers the very latest in colour and design. They believe in supplying a dynamic flooring solution to all of our customers. This is why Senso, by Gerlfor, has diverse product ranges, designed with the customer in mind.

Senso by Gerflor, making life easier every step of the way.


Interior Designer

Technical and environmental specifications

  • Value
    Format details 3m roll
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