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Recyclage Gerflor

Recycling: giving our floor coverings a second lease of life!

We offer collection and recycling solutions at every step of the product lifecycle. This strategy is instrumental in recycling production waste, installation offcuts and end-of-life products.

Production waste

Technical testing, quality rejects and offcuts lead to production waste.

This waste is collected from the production lines at all Gerflor Group plants and then ground into pellets and reinjected into other manufacturing processes. All Gerflor Group plants can be compared to real recycling plants.

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Collection of installation offcuts

Installation work results in 5 to 10% of offcuts, depending on the type of product. In France, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia, we have put the "Second Life" programme into action with the aim of collecting and recycling the offcuts generated by installation companies.

So what are the two key advantages with this recycling programme created in 2011? It allows our Group to provide installation companies with an innovative service while developing the use of recycled products in our solutions.

Second Life
Collection of "non-standard" end-of-life products

Non-standard end-of-life products include products that have been glued down or mixed with other materials or which contain hazardous substances in accordance with the REACH Regulation. A special collection and recycling process is used, since they require different technologies and cannot always be reused at Gerflor's plants.

The PVC Next programme, together with the AgPR European recycling centre, provides a solution for this type of waste. The collected products are ground into pellets and reused to manufacture products for other industries (traffic cones, pipes for major building structural works, etc.).

AgPR recycles up to 2,500 tons a year.

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Resi-Loop Founding Member

ResiLoop is a pioneering initiative that aims to reduce the environmental impact of resilient flooring in Australia, which accounts for about 60,000 tonnes of landfill waste every year, including 9,000 tonnes of unused material. ResiLoop is part of the industry's transition to a circular economy, by addressing the waste problem at the source: the installation process. ResiLoop has been collaborating with stakeholders across the resilient flooring value chain, conducting research, business modelling and field trials to explore different recycling and reverse logistics solutions for both residential and commercial sectors. The outcome of this work is a national scheme that showcases a strong product stewardship approach in Australia.



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